Ask Cindy’s Ultra-Plush Blue Microfiber Cloth (1 pc.)



Ask Cindy’s Ultra-Plush Blue Microfiber Cloth is your secret weapon for cleaning dusty or extremely soiled surfaces in rooms & furnishings. For example – Garage interior & exterior spaces – Crawl spaces – Mechanical rooms – Wine Cellar – Post-renovation & Post-New Build clean-up projects.

This towel is durable but soft & can be safely used to clean all stone & wood surface finishes, light fixtures, chrome fixtures & appliances, and so much more!

This Ultra-Plush Blue Microfiber Cloth works exceptionally well with or without cleaning solutions, and its 12-inch x 12-inch size is a comfortable fit for the hand.

*Machine Wash & Dry: Do Not Use Bleach or Fabric Softeners on Any Microfiber Items.

Happy Cleaning!✨

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Options: 1 pc. or 2 pcs.

1 Piece, 2 piece