Luscious Winter-White Microfiber Towel: Electronic Friendly Dry Dusting (1 pc. & 2pc. packs)



Luscious Winter-White Microfiber Towel Magic: Electronics Friendly (1 pc. & 2pc.)

This lovely plush microfiber towel is perfect for cleaning all electronics safely! Harsh cleaners are an absolute no-no: i.e., no glass cleaner, no ammonia, no hydrogen peroxide, no bleach, no makeup remover, no solvents, no soft liquid cleansers, and no disinfectant wipes!

Using this Winter-White Microfiber Towel, you will see the dust accumulating within the deep pockets of this cleaning helpmate. *If stubborn soil remains unmoved on an item, you can sprinkle one or two water droplets onto the towel for targeted clean-up of this soil only!

Electronic devices & items require dry dusting to maintain operational integrity.

Using this white towel, it displays its work ethic with every once-over – Done!

*Machine Wash – Machine Dry: Do not use bleach or fabric softener on microfiber items.

Happy Cleaning!✨

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1 pack, 2 pack