Replacement Cool Blue Velcro Attaching Microfiber Mopping Pad: Wet Mopping



This utilitarian velcro sticking blue pad is made for outstanding mopping. – it works extraordinarily well.

Easy Velcro attachment connects easily to its mopping base (mop base is sold separately)

Designed specifically for damp mopping with it’s identifiable ” cool blue” color. Blue is for wet mopping – period! This well designed pad has soft pointed edges for cleaning those elusive edges and corners of floor surfaces. Get up close and thoroughly clean the floor surface, completely.

Additionally, this pad protects floor surfaces better than regular wet mopping; microfiber mop pad prevents over soaking a surface since you can easily ring out this light weight pad – cool!. Whether you’re mopping wood floors, tile, linoleum, stone, or granite with this cool “blue pad” it will do the job better and faster versus conventional string mopping. Efficient cool blue mopping -promotes damp mopping vs. over-soaking your floor surface! The truth and nothing but the truth!

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1 pack, 2 pack