Ask Cindy Shop is the result of Cindy Inman's many years of professional residential and commercial cleaning expertise. Her passion for all things clean & her accumulated knowledge, within a now extensive cleaning industry, has branded her housecleaning wisdom "Ask Cindy How".

Cindy is proud to share her cleaning intelligence along with her favorite cleaning helpmates with "visitors."

Ask Cindy Shop will focus on the residential house cleaning world. Why? Simply because house cleaning itself is Cindy's absolute passion. "When I walk through a properly cleaned home - any home - that “only clean is clean" look pleases and satisfies all of my senses," Cindy says.

Many times, after an Ask Cindy service visit the more her clients expressed their delight for their house cleaning outcomes, the more Cindy felt she needed to share her best practices and detail cleaning techniques. Accordingly, she is offering her unique insights to make house cleaning tasks easier to approach, with simple how-to’s that will yield outstanding cleaning outcomes. Outcomes that anyone can see, feel, touch and enjoy, in their respective homes!

With pleasure -- and without judgment -- Cindy is sharing her many years of "homework" in the field!

Thus, welcome to the world of Ask Cindy Shop: A boutique presentation of house cleaning essentials and cleaning solutions used and endorsed by Cindy Inman aka Ask Cindy How. Essential cleaning solutions & helpmates that can be trusted to clean perfectly!

The purchase options on secure ecommerce platform are used and endorsed by Cindy Inman aka Ask Cindy How" - Only Cindy's trusted favorites will be offered here.

Additionally, at, you can continue the housecleaning exploration. This site presents striking videos for specific how-to cleaning actions, rousing blog posts, service options for your specific cleaning dilemma(s), and you can read more about "Cindy" & her journey.

All in all, you can explore illuminating actions that will reveal aha knowledge for your cleaning questions. After all, no one took House Cleaning 101 in school!

Glad that you have found us. Thank you for visiting. Thank you for your support!


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