Ask Cindy Glass Cleaner w/ Foaming Magic Plus One Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth!




Partnering Buddies: One can of Ask Cindy Glass Cleaner & One Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towel.

  • Foaming magic clings to surfaces without dripping.
  • Glass dries fast without depositing residue or smearing glass surfaces.
  • Foam removes smoke, makeup, toothpaste, dirt, grease splatter, grit, dust, grime from glass, and more!

Formulated w/o Ammonia and Ozone Depleting Chemicals!

Cleaning Procedure:
Spray a generous amount of glass cleaner to wet this glass cleaning cloth. Wipe to remove smudges, fingerprints, makeup and powder residue, shaving cream residue, lint, and dust particles. You can use both sides of the cloth during a cleaning event. Soil clings to the washable microfiber with each swipe!



  • all glass & plexiglass surfaces
  • seamless glass & acrylic shower enclosures
  • cell phone screens
  • car and boat mirrors
  • vases
  • stained glass
  • wall tiles
  • glass cook tops
  • car windshield and door glass
  • enamel & chrome surfaces and so many more reflective surfaces
  • Hand or machine wash microfiber clothes with soap & water: No bleach or fabric softener, ever!


Note: Hand-Wash the microfiber cloth before using it for the first time.

The magic of microfiber for glass is a faithful helpmate.

Additional Order in the House – That Works!